Information on car insurance

Basic Insurance 


CDW - Collision Damage Waiver 

Many of our competitors often wrongly call this insurance as a full insurance.                                                           
In the case of a self-inflicted accident, the insurance covers the liability of the opposing damage.  Without percentage excess!                                                        


 Any Damages on the Rental car are not covered. 



Our comprehensive Premium-Insurance-Package includes



CDW - Collision Damage Waiver - without percentage excess!

FDW - Full Damage Waiver - all damages are covered. Ask for your

individual excess.


Car tyre and under-body protection

is covered, except damage is caused by negligent and careless handling with the rental car.



  •  navigating by rough terrain
  •  navigating by unpaved gravel roads and muddy roads with potholes
  •  navigating by footpaths and rocky country lanes



Personal Accident Insurance - is guaranteed (1.200.000 Euro)

On Top of that, the driver is extra insured with 20.000 Euro


Fire insurance - is guaranteed


Glass breakage insurance - is guaranteed


Rockfall insurance - is guaranteed


Vandalism insurance - is guaranteed


Damage caused by animal are fully covered


TPC - theft  - is guaranteed                                                                                             

In the event of vehicle theft, the insurance company replaced the entire value, provided the car has been properly closed by the tenant.

In the case of a car-burglary, all articles of valuables, material-objects/damages are covered up to 100 €, on condition that all doors are safe locked up.


In the event of litigation resulting from an accident caused by opponent without coverage, the insurance accept full liability.



In the case of lawsuit resulting by an accident witch the question of guilt is not cleared up, the lawyers` fees are covered.


24 hours breakdown - service is guaranteed

If necessary we give you a replacement vehicle without bureaucracy



  •  Insurance is not liable if the driver causes an accident
     under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  •  the transfer of the rental cars on ferries is prohibited.



Opel Corsa automatic - new design
Opel Corsa automatic - new design
Toyota Aygo X topless
Toyota Aygo X topless